Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 and 32 months

Anndalyn Grace is now 10 months old.
Anthony Joseph, Michael Huston, Jaileigh Addison, and Jakob Thomas are now 32 months.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful babies. We celebrated with ice ceam~!

My kids don't say their "R"s yet so ice cream is ice ceam. During bath time last night Mike made homemade ice cream for the quads. A little bit too late we figured that we should have done ice cream then baths.

Jakob getting ready to drink his. Much faster that way.

Michael showing his tongue and that his ice ceam is all gone.


Anthony won the award for messiest eater.

Jaileigh trying with two spoons.

Jake was a close candidate in the messy contest.

Caroline came over to play today. She is going to Africa for a couple of weeks to do service. We are going to miss her!

Our neighbors have 4 yorkie dogs and they kids love to watch them. They always talk Caroline into lifting them over the fence. She is way too nice! I am sure if the neighbors knew they would think we were crazy.

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