Thursday, March 10, 2011

Confessions Of A Crazy, Insane Mother

I have a big bounce house set up in my living room
I always have mountains of laundry and dishes
I have to neatly fold all the clothes, the dressers must be organized (my sister says that is not efficient)
I vacuum at least 3 times a day
I sweep at least 10 times a day
I only mop when something gets spilled
My floors seem to always be dirty
I hold my babies when they go to sleep
Jaileigh does not know she has a crib all to herself, she thinks her bed is between mommy and daddy
We start our day at 6:00 AM, sometimes earlier
Every child ends up in bed sometime during the night
I love cuddling with my babies in my bed
I love sugar
I am never alone, ever!  There is always a small toddler or infant with me, 24/7.
I collect toys in baskets
I overindulge my children and probably always will
My clothes always have drool, boogers, or sometimes poop on them
You could snack from my car floor for weeks on end
I have OCD and have most likely passed it on to all 5 of my poor children
I always run spell check and have my sister edit my blogs. I am terrified of typos!
My two pregnancies ruined my teeth
Some nights I fall asleep at 7:30 on the couch
Sleep is overrated
I love my mom and dad
My husband does night duty with me, he's the best!

Enough confessions. Here is what you really want. . . pictures!

Jaileigh emptied the books off the top shelf and decided she wanted to take a nap. She crawled in and covered herself with a blanket.

Then Annie crawled over and pulled her blanket off disrupting the napping queen.

Anthony was napping one day after taking Michael to get his shots. I took them to the store to get Michael a prize for being such a big boy. I always have to buy all of them a prize because they don't understand being left out. This day they got 2 cars. Jakob and Michael put Anthony's cars next to him so that he would have them when he woke up.

Here is an upclose picture.

Jaileigh playing with her cars. She insisted on keeping the boxes the cars came in.

Jake is the most mischievous kid! Look at that grin.

I had just finished vacuumimg the floor and I looked over at Michael and he had crumbled a cracker up all over the floor. I was a little frustrated but as I watched what he was doing my frustration disappeared. He was feeding his dinosaur. It was so cute to watch him. So sweet!

Miss Giggles herself



Violet said...

Im curious, how did your pregnancies ruin your teeth??

Novabella said...

Where do your kids come by that gorgeous curly hair? It definitely adds to the Mischief Value of these photos. Loved the confessions.

Amber said...

I've had to have 3 root canals since being pregnant. The dentists told me the babies used up all my calcium during my pregnancy and while nursing and that depleted my teeth of the necessary nutrients.


I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny said...

I was there, I saw! It's all true! You are amazing, Amber!

The kids are looking so big! Especially Michael!

Amber said...

Novabella- My hair was curly when I was younger and I agree, it does make them look mischievious.

Sunny was here! She knows and she is just as amazing.

The McCleary Quads said...

My wife also had teeth problems after her pregnancy so its a pretty common thing especially when you have for babies stealing all your iron and calcium. Our kids like to knock all the books off the shelf and crawl up and lay down on the self. Lately they started lifting up the couch cushions and laying under them. And we can never keep a clean floor.

The McCleary Quads

Brechó da mamãe said...

Your family is beautiful.
I love to meet them through the blog.