Sunday, March 20, 2011

Harveston Lake Park

We were told about a better duck pond then the one we went to last time. This one is closer to our house and not as busy. They have a fence around part of the water so the ducks can't get on the grass and so my kids can't jump or fall in. We were there well over an hour and didn't see anyone else feeding the ducks. It was so nice!

Someone had been there earlier and spilled their corn that they were feeding the ducks so Mike and I picked it up and gave it to Jaileigh so she could feed the ducks.

Big throw!

The ducks were American coot.

Annie watching the ducks

Jaileigh picking up the corn.

The boys were sleeping when we got there so Mike, Grandpa, Jaileigh, Annie, and I went on ahead.

The boys getting their beauty rest. Grandma stayed in the car with them while they slept.
Anthony, Jake, and Michael

Throwing the ducks some goldfish crackers we found in the car.

Anthony wanted to eat the crackers too.

Grandpa and Annie

Anthony going for a jog.

Michael woke up too.

Grandpa, Anthony, Michael, and Jaileigh

Finally, Jake woke up!

Jake amazed by the ducks.

Jaileigh giving Anthony some crackers. Jake and Michael watching the ducks.



Grandma, Mommy (Amber), and Annie

Jaileigh handing out crackers. She was in charge of the cracker bag (she thought).

Jake keeping an eye on Annie

Anthony took his shoes off and that was a signal for everyone to take their shoes off.

Jaileigh rolling in the grass.

Going for a stroll

Jake is such a stink! He kept running away and Grandpa kept chasing him. Jake thought it was a game. Grandpa dragging Jake back and Jake didn't think that was funny.

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