Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring has sprung and so have the weeds. Actually we seem to have weeds all year here. We had a family weeding afternoon one Saturday.

The boys helping Daddy weed- Jake/back left, Anthony/front left, Michael/front right

Jake with his shovel.

Jaileigh woke up later than everyone else. She still has sleepy eyes.

Jake showing off his weed he picked.

Sweet Anthony!

Annie and her geographic tongue. If you look close to her tongue you can see what I'm talking about. I have it too. It is a classic sign of allergies.

Jaileigh with the shovel.

Annie girl escaped onto the driveway. Look at those filthy pants.

"Hand, hand." She wants someone to hold her hand so she can jump.

So, the boys came to the rescue.
Jaileigh and Jake

She decided to return the favors. Here she is helping Anthony.

Jake helping her again.

Jake helping Annie to stay out of the dirt.

Michael with his golf club and pail.


At the end of the day we decided to sand a table that I want to refinish for Jaileigh and Annie's new room. Right now the quads are in a room and Annie is in our room. I am hoping to put the girls in a room and the boys in a room. Anthony and Jakob are now sleeping in their toddler beds. Their cribs turned into toddler beds. Michaels doesn't so he is still in his crib for now. Jaileigh is still in our bed.

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