Sunday, March 6, 2011

HUGE Blessings, SMALL Sacrifices

When I delivered the quadruplets 31 months ago I took a medical leave from teaching. I was granted 36 months leave. As this time is ending I have been pondering the choice I made. Of course I have NO regrets but I do think about my previous life. I was a career woman, we made more than double the money we make now. I went to work each day, dressed professionally, and was oh so important. haha! Seriously though. I loved teaching. I loved the connections I made with my co-workers and with my students. I loved the stimulus. Having children changes people and priorities.

Your priorities change. For me life really began. My needs no longer were important. Mike and I's life now center around our children and our family. We have made so many sacrifices. We lost two dream homes, I gave up a career I loved. Mike was layed off several times and is now working in a career that he doesn't love but it pays the bills and has fantastic insurance. He would really love to teach school and coach again. He is an awesome coach. I know that his talents are on the shelf for now but someday when the kids are grown he will start using them again and loving it even more because he will be working with his kids.

The sacrifices that we have made seem so meaningless and trivial when you look at the big picture. We have five beautiful miracle babies! What could be more important and more eternal than that! I treasure every minute spent with these five amazing lives. They are my joy and make every sacrifice worth it!

Michael LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He is glued to it. In the background you can see Jake climbing.

Jake caught in the act. He is the lead mischief maker.

My beautiful little Annie girl. She and Jaileigh had on their matching Grandmas angels outfits. Thank you to the Duggan quadruplets for the adorable clothes!

Anthony and Annie
He is so happy!

Jaileigh with her remote.

Mickey Mouse must be over.
Michael rewarding me with one of his beautiful smiles.

My sweet Anthony

Jake had to climb the shelf to get this book. He loves puzzles and is amazing at them.

Annie trying out the puzzle book

Anthony tickling Annie

Annie had a horrible diaper rash from the antibiotic she has been on. She doesn't have a diaper on because I was airing her bum out.

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