Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gram and Gramps

My kids have the best grandparents ever! You think yours do, well I think you are wrong! Honestly, don't we all think that or shouldn't we all be able to think that!  For those of you who wonder why I rarely talk about Mike's parents its because Mike's father passed away before we were married and his mom has Alzheimer's and we haven't been able to take the kids to Chicago to see her yet.

My mom is very camera shy so we don't get too many pictures of her. She is the most loving, giving, sacrificing woman I have ever met. If you needed two arms, she would gladly give you hers and ask if you needed her legs too. As a mother sometimes I struggle with things that I want. Sometimes I would really like to go clothes or shoes shopping just for me and not have to worry about the five little feet and bodies that also need clothed and shoed at my house. Not once my whole life did I ever hear my mom ask or want for anything. She always puts her family first. Still to this day with all of her children grown, she still never asks for anything. If you get her a birthday present she worries that we may have spent our hard earned money on her and we should have spent it on us. She is such an example to everyone of compassion and service.

My dad is a giant teddy bear. He looks scary on the outside but he is such a softy! He just loves his grandbabies. I know that he would rather hang out with his grandbabies than anything else in this whole world. They are his life. Sadly we live so far away. When we do get to visit, my kids follow him around everywhere. They are like little shadows. If we lived closer I can see him teaching them all his tricks so that they can be Jack of All Trades like he is. He can fix and build anything! He never says an unkind word about anyone. He is always positive and looks on the bright side of everything.

The other day I made a post on facebook about being the favorite sibling. It said "Post this if you are the best, cutest, smartest of your siblings and Mom and Dad loved you best. If this stands an hour without your brothers & sisters protesting, then it must be true." The funny thing is all three of us kids think we are the favorite. Somehow my parents made all three of us kids feel really, really special and even now that we are grown adults we still feel like we are the favorites.

I love you Mom and Dad! You are the best!

Gram and Gramps camping with us in Pine Valley

Grandpa with Jaileigh

Grandma with two of her favorite children and one favorite grandchild

Grandma and Little Miss Annie

Grandpa and Annie
The 6 birthdays. Quads, Rori, and Grandpa all have birthdays together.

Christmas Day.
Grandma and Anthony

Grandpa and Annie

Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for our family. For the many visits, trips, treats, notes, calls, texts, worries, prayers, loves, and sooooooo much more.

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