Friday, March 4, 2011

Farmers Market

I have never been to a Farmer's Markets so my friend, Mandi, decided to take us to one. We went to the local Temecula one. The kids and I loved it. Hopefully we will be frequent visitors. This was also our first venture out since being sick and it couldn't have been a more perfect one. The weather was perfect (78 degrees). In fact my kids perked right up and were happier then they had been in days.
Mandi has triplets and an older daughter, Ali. She has a choo-choo with four seats so Jaileigh sat in her 4th seat so that Annie could sit in our choo-choo. Annie thought that was neatest thing ever.

Anthony/purple, Annie/green, Michael/orange, Jakob/orange
2nd row of choo-choos- Audrina/red, Aiden/blue, Andrew/Orange, Jaileigh/orange and Ali standing

Annie loving the local organic honey. YUM! No, I didn't let her have any. I am aware that babies are not allowed to have honey because of the risk of botulism. She loved playing with the sealed bottle though


Annie eating an apple. I made her wear a hat because I was worried about her ears. We went to our AWESOME Dr. the following day and he said her ears were BEAUTIFUL! He said that she was not a candidate for tubes and not to worry. Thank you for all of your prayers and a beautiful blessing from her daddy.

Jaileigh, Audrina, Aiden, and Andrew eating their yummmmmmy apples

Jakey eating a giant strawberry and Annie showing off her apple.

The triplets

Annie and Michael




Fiori Family said...

I'm so glad one of us is responsible enough to remember to take pictures of our fun adventures... Just another reason why I love you my friend! : )

P.S. ~ Not so sure I like that 2nd picture... Annie looks so much older than she really is in it! : (

Can't wait to check out another farmers market with you guys SOON!!!

Kari said...

I think you will need to invest in a 5th cart for the choo choo. Annie lookd like she loved it!

Amber said...

We do need to find a 5th choo choo!

Mandi- Annie does look so grown up! She's growing too fast!