Monday, March 28, 2011

Framing Those Beautiful Faces

For Christmas I asked for frames. We get professional pictures every 6 months and I have never printed off or framed any of them. Partly because of the cost. Frames are so expensive. My parents got us frames. Hooray! My brother made them and my parents bought them from him. I am finally getting around to putting the pictures and glass in. Hey, I'm just 3 months late. Since I rarely have a quiet childless moment the kids decided to help me. They were so excited about their pictures I had to take pictures. I got five 11x14 frames for the kids and one 25x30 frame for a family picture.

 The quaddies deciding on their frame. They love to have a choice even if they are all the same. Today was pajama day too. We hung out all day in jammies and they all didn't match.

Michael is Mr. Cheeser today.

Michael. Anthony, Jaileigh, Annie, and Jakob
Notice Annie has a chair now! Thanks Grandpa!

Two good pictures. It's a miracle. Now I just wish they were all dressed really cute and had their hair combed. Oh well, I'll settle for the smiles anyday!


Jaileigh is so hard to catch smiling. She pretends she is shy when the camera comes out.

Another attempt



Miss Annie

Michael holding the cardboard that I was using for the backing.

Jaileigh Bailey loves her picture. Her picture got cut off for some reason so I need to order a new one.


Even Annie got excited.

Anthony wanted to stare at his forever.

I finally got him to look up.


When I hang everything on the wall I'll try to remember to take a picture for you.


Jenney said...

Whomever took their pictures did a fabulous job!!!

Karmann and Ryan said...

WOW!!! I love this post!!! So cute!!! cant wait to see the final picture with them all up on the wall!!!