Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy 9 Month Birthday Annie Girl

She is cruising- she cruises around everything, baskets, couches, stairs, toys, pillows
She stands alone
Her favorite move right now-she stands up, lets go of the couch, pats her chest, throws her arms in the air and yells.
She claps,
jabbers like crazy,
loves to eat rice cereal,
does not like baby food,
wants to eat what the "big" kids are eating,
likes apples, potatoes and rice and carrots,
goes up the stairs,
climbs all over the couch,
plays with her siblings like she is one of them,
still nurses, will only drink water from a bottle,
has her favorite toys that she carries around with her, (fish, frog, baby)
clicks her tongue,
says mama and dadda.
She has 2 bottom teeth.
She can drink from a cup, sippy cup, and a straw
She LOVES Jakob right now, she follows him all over.
She still naps 3 times a day. Around 9:00, 11:00 am, and 4:00 pm. The first and last naps are only 20-45 minutes long. The middle nap is usually 2-3 hours long
Goes to bed at 7:00 pm with the quads.

At her last check-up she weighed 22 lbs and was 29 inches long
She wears 12-18 month clothes, no shoes.

Her new signature smile- she crinkles her face up, squints her eyes, and grins as big as she can showing off her two new teeth.

Anthony and Annie were the first ones up from the naps so they played together.


Anndalyn Grace

For her 9 month birthday, her Grandpa built her a new chair so she could be like the quads.
Thank you Grandpa!


Esther and Brian said...

oh my what a big girlie she is! my 30-months old twins are 22lb8oz!!!! ok, much much much taller than sweet annie bt still! what a difference to have full-term babies versus preemie- you are right....and it's so interesting to see how quickly she is developing- i bet it's because of the quads...:)

love your blog, i come often but don't think that i've commented before...hi.....esther

Karmann and Ryan said...

WOW!!! 9 months have gone by already!! She is so darn cute! She definitely wants to keep up with the quads!! I loved the post with the disneyland hats! So precious! I totally remember that picture! I cant believe how much time has gone by and how much they have changed! Miss you guys!!!