Monday, March 21, 2011

Mad Madeline's

After the lake we headed to Old Town and ate lunch at Mad Madeline's. It was delicious and they were so nice to us even though we had such a big party. We took up two of their tables during their lunch rush.

Jakey and Grandpa

Jaileigh felt like a big girl because they put her water in a big girl cup.

Grandpa doing double-time
Jakey and Michael

Funny story. We were leaving the restaurant and each quad had a to-go box. Most of them were empty (we thought) and one of them had fries in it. As we were walking to our car Anthony dropped his box in the parking lot and out fell . . . .Salt Shakers!  Grandma was kind enough to return them to Mad Madeline!

The Jakester playing shy with me.

Grandpa with Michael and Jaileigh

Anthony putting the stand up menu together after taking it apart.

Grandpa trying to eat with his two grandbabies. The burgers were fabulous!

Grandma and Jake

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