Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Blog Because . . .

One of the reasons I blog is for the record. I really don't have time to scrapbook anymore so I do the next best thing- I blog. There is one website that will print off your blog and bind it in book form and it is so expensive. I was only able to print the first year and a half of my blog until this week. We did our tax returns and I was able to print off the rest. I am so excited to have my blog in print. The kids love looking at it. They search for all of their friends and family members and have to talk about what is happening in the pictures.

Here is my blog in print from March 2008-March 2011

Another thing I try to do is make photobooks every 6 months. This is another favorite of my kids. They love these as well. So far, I have made 8 photobooks. I usually shop around for the deals and freebies because these can be expensive too.

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