Monday, March 7, 2011

Visiting The Ducks

Mike has been wanting to take the kids to this park for quite awhile. I kept putting it off because I thought it was far away. It wasn't far away and it was so much fun. The park has a pond and a walkway around the pond. The pond was full of ducks and turtles. I saw around 20 red-eared slider turtles swimming around. The kids loved those!

Holding hands
Anthony, Jaileigh, Daddy, Michael, and Jakob

They were in awe of all the ducks!


Maybe they were a little overwhelmed.
Anthony, Jaileigh, and Michael

Jaileigh is cutting 3 of her two year old molars but I don't think that is why she is chewing on her finger

Finally a grin from Michael

Michael and Anthony

Chasing the pigeons around
Jake and Anthony

Jake going up the hill

and Jake going down the hill.
This kid ran, and ran, and ran, and ran! He made me tired watching him.

Jaileigh going up

and coming down.

Michael going up after the birdy

and Michael coming down. The poor kid looks so goofy in his enormous shoes and shorts!

Jake running some more

Jaileigh and the soldier. There was a little monument area for the soldiers.

Anthony and the remote to his car. He HAD to bring it.


Annie got to play too.

Annie feeling so big.


Anthony and Jake chasing the ducks


Jaileigh even started chasing them

They thought the big rock at the end was so cool. Michael fell off and scraped his knee.
We took them to McDonalds after and they ate 40 chicken nuggets! I think all that running tired them out and made them hungry!

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