Friday, January 21, 2011

Las Vegas Here We Come

Our quad friends from Las Vegas invited us to their 2nd birthday party. Mike and I talked about it and decided that we would like to go. Mike and I met each other while we were both living in Vegas. We lived there two years before moving to California. Mikes brother, Joe, still lives there with his wife. My family lives 2 hours away so we hoped that they would come meet us. So, Thursday I packed, Friday we loaded the burb and off we went. I was so nervous about not traveling in our RV. This was the kids first trip without it. Lets just say I had a toy bag and a food bag prepared that was worthy of a small preschool.

The kids slept for 3 1/2 hours and woke up for the last 3 minutes. I was so excited they did so well. Uncle Joe was at the motel to welcome us. He was able to hook us up at the Marriott with an awesome suite.

Running to meet Joe

Anthony waiting on the chair in the lobby

Michael excited to be out of the car.

Joe treated us to dinner at the buffet.
Jaileigh and Anthony waiting to eat

Jake and Mikey

Annie with Daddy

Eating dinner buffet style. These kids ate so much. They were ravenous.
Jake, Michael, Jaileigh, and Anthony

The kiddos loved the fountain.
Jaileigh, Anthony, Michael, and Jakey (eating his cone without ice cream)

and after all that we all went to bed!

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Kassidee Sanchez said...

Hey you should have told me your were going to vegas!! thats my uncles hotel you stayed at, could have helped you get cheap rooms! lol