Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dear Daddy-

(Day 2)
Dear Daddy-

We miss you. We woke up this morning and climbed into bed with mommy and you weren't there. She told us you went in the airplane to work.

So far we have only broke two things. Mommy keeps telling us daddy is going to be real mad if we break things. She is going to fix them before you get home.
Karen has been here playing with us. She is so fun. Look what she let us do when it was raining.

Mommy took a picture of the rain to show you. We didn't get to play outside today and mommy said we got "cabin fever".

We played with some boxes for awhile.

We all took turns getting in the box and hiding.

Then we played our Thomas the Train game. Mommy returned some stuff yesterday and got us a new game. We love this! Jaileigh stole all of the trains though and didn't want to share.

Even Annie liked this game. She kept getting on our mat.

Annie practiced her cruising.

We dumped out some crackers, stepped on them, ate dinner, read stories, pooped a lot and then we all fell asleep. It was an eventful day.

Annie and Michael

Annie, Michael, and Jake

Good night daddy. Sleep tight. Love you!

Elmo (Anthony)

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