Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hanging Out With Our Cousins

My whole family, the Stokes, all came to Vegas to play with us on Saturday. We had so much fun and it really made me wish we lived closer to everyone. Grandma, Grandpa, Rori and Major came first and played for a couple hours before Andy and Tia came. My brother Andy and his wife Tia have two kids. Major is two months younger than the quads and Legend is two weeks younger than Annie.

We all went to Cafe Rio. YUM. My favorite restaurant.  While we were there a guy at the neighboring table told us that he was afraid he was going to get pregnant just by being close to us. Tia and I have 7 kids age 2 and under. I can see why he was scared, HAHA.

After Cafe Rio we went to the park.
Our Cousin Major

Major loved Annie

Trying to escape

GaGa with her grandbabies
Michael, Jaileigh, and Jake

Maj with his best bud, Grandpa

My friend Kristen met us at Cafe Rio and then played with us the rest of the day. This is her talking to Anthony.

Anthony under the dinosaur bones

Major going down the slide

GaPa and Rori pushing Michael and Jake

Rori and Jai on the ho-hee

Major and Jaileigh
"My hero"

Kristen with Michael

Climbing the wall, with a little help
Joe/Anthony, Rori/Jaileigh

Jaileigh had so much fun with her Aunt Rori. Ah, we miss her!

Jai, Rori, Mikey, and Kristen

Mommy having fun

Brave Jakers

Anthony and Mommy

Sweet Michael

The big boys thinking they are still little boys
Mike and Andy

More fun

My kids LOVE ho-heees
Jaileigh, Michael, Jake, Anthony

GaPa and Jake/Mike and Michael

Anthony getting the royal treatment. Pushed by Andy and Joe.

After the park we went back to our room and played. Here is Tia with the kids playing spider and sharing her bracelets. My kids love her. They kept looking for teeee-aahhhhhh.

Just a little baby communication. They weigh the same and have 1/2 an inch difference in height. So why does Annie look so much fluffier?
Annie and Legend

Andy reading to his little man

Tubby time. My kids loved this tub. We took a bath everyday.

Andy and Tia ended up staying with us that night. What an adventure it was! Love all the family bonding and hope to do much more.

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