Thursday, January 20, 2011


Our triplet friends live so close to us that we have decided to have weekly playdates. Today was our first one. We all had so much fun and we were all worn out by the end that the babies all fell right to sleep.

Lunch time. I think we need a bigger table.

Annie playing doctor during lunch

The triplets- Audrina, Andrew, and Aiden

Annie decided to join the group. 8 kids 2 and under, WOW! Between the 9 kids that were there we did not have 1 meltdown. It was amazing.


Jaileigh and Jakey talking money


Anthony and Audrina

For some reason they loved playing in the dirt
Audrina, Jaileigh and Anthony

Andrew drawing. He's going to be a famous architect.

Jake, Jaileigh, Aiden, and Anthony working on mowing the lawn

Aiden, Alison, Jake, Audrina, Anthony, Jake


Audina and her cell phone. They were inseperable all day.


Sweet, sweet Annie

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