Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bonnie Springs, Old Nevada

The next morning we had some time to kill before GaPa, GaGa and Rori came so we went to the Petting Zoo at Bonnie Springs, Old Nevada. It was about 20 miles from where we were staying, out in the middle of nowhere.

We thought it opened it at 9 but it didn't open til 10 so we had some time to kill.
Michael riding the camel

Jake and Anthony riding the Lion



Michael on the Lion

Jaileigh looking so sweet.

Annie had fun too

Joe with the Jake and Mikey


Daddy and Jaileigh

Michael and his tongue

Jake trying to pet the bunny

Anthony was checking out the pig

Not too excited about the sheep

Jake and the "baa-baa"



Jaileigh got her diaper changed on a bench.

The quads looking at the pond. I think they were looking for the turtles.
Anthony, Jaileigh, Jakey, and Michael

I love the sign- "Do Not Feed Your Fingers To The Horses"
This is on the gate to the long horn steer.
Anthony, Jake, Jaileigh, and Michael

The Long Horn

Jaileigh with her tongue hanging out.

Jaileigh climbing  next to the "Electric Fence" sign

Yee Haw!

Ride 'Em Cowboys

Annie is tired

Bonnie Springs

Riding on the train
Jake and Michael


We had to ride it twice. The 2nd time we had Mike drive the car to the "depot". We got off the train there and loaded the car.
Jai and Joe

Mike took a picture from the car as he was driving.
Jaileigh, Annie, and Mommy (Amber)

Off we went to meet the relatives! Whoo  Hooo!

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