Sunday, January 16, 2011


Playing in the kitchen.
Look at Michael trying to get Annie out of his kitchen.

I told him to be nice.

Anthony playing with a puzzle Grandma gave him.

Annie thinks she is a quad!

Jake concentrating too hard to smile.

The kids have started this thing, and its probably my fault, of naming the person who gave them the item they are wearing or playing with. So when they wear the Elmo jammers they have to tell me 50 times that "Gee" gave them to them or Grandma gave them the puzzles. Its pretty cute that they actually remember. When we went to church the other day the only way I could get Jaileigh in the dress I wanted was to tell her Rori gave it to her. Now she wants to wear it all the time and the boys want their church clothes to be from her too.

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