Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Blankets

Great Grandma Kolleen sent the babies new blankets for Christmas. We love them! They came labeled and the quads already know who's is who's.

Anthony was napping so I only got a shot of the threesome.
Jaileigh, Jake, and Michael


Michael and his green ball blanket

Jaileigh and her pink and purple princess blanket (very fitting)

Annie and her red teddy bear blanky


Anthony opening his blanket

Anthony's is green ball print with an orange backside. His favorite color right now is orange. He loves it.

Grandma you did a perfect job! Thank you!

Caroline brought a friend with her last week, Kamree. We used to live by Kamree and then she moved away to school and then we moved away from Rancho.  We were so excited to see her. You can tell that the boys loved her.  They wouldn't leave her alone.

Anthony and Kamree

Jake and Anthony attacking her with Michael watching.

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