Friday, January 7, 2011


Today took the kiddos to the Reptile Pet Store. I have taken them to PetSmart before and they absolutely loved that. They loved this too. The store was small and not busy at all. It just barely opened so everything was really clean and not stinky. We had a few tears shed when we left but I told them we will go again.

Michael and the snakes

The boys thoroughly engrossed by the bearded lizards
Jake, Michael, and Anthony (back to front)

The princess, Jaileigh

Michael and Jake

Jake and the snakes. He enjoyed the reptiles the most.


The whole crew

Annie was a little overdue for her nap.

Jai and the geckos

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Andrea said...

I Love reading your posts :-) Being a mom of 2 small boys, I don't know how you manage 5!! It always puts perspective on my day when I feel hectic.

Have you thought of renaming your blog, The DeMaria Kids? To include little Annie :-)

Thanks for your daily inspiration!!