Thursday, December 30, 2010

So Many Places To Be

On Wednesday the 29th of December we had a busy day at our house or rather away from our house. At 8:45am we had an appointment at Loma Linda for our High Risk Infant Follow Up check up. We had to load and leave our house by 7:30. It was raining cats and dogs which made traffic a little tricky. We actually made it on time and ended up waiting over an hour for the doctor to show up. The kids were tested with the Bayley test. Rather than butcher the definition and purpose I just copied and pasted it from the web.

Definition The Bayley Scales of Infant Development (BSID) measure the mental and motor development and test the behavior of infants from one to 42 months of age.

Purpose The BSID are used to describe the current developmental functioning of infants and to assist in diagnosis and treatment planning for infants with developmental delays or disabilities. The test is intended to measure a child's level of development in three domains: cognitive, motor, and behavioral.

This test is supposed to last 2 hrs per person. We were there 4.5 hours and we were all exhausted. They split the kids up into twos. I took two into a room with a therapist and Mike stayed outside and played with the other three. The therapist had them do all kinds of things, puzzles, sorting, colors, speech, role playing, money, counting etc. It was cute when they got tired (mentally) they would say "all done" and push whatever she was trying to get them to do away. It was mentally draining for me and I wasn't even being tested. After the first two were done then the next two were tested. We didn't wait around for results because we had been there so long and the kids were DONE! I had them call me when they figured everything out.

All of them tested, above average, superior, with a few averages. Nothing stood out as worrisome or problematic. Whooo hooooo!

They were weighed and measured as well.

Michael 31 lbs
Anthony 28 lbs
Jakob 27 lbs
Jaileigh 24 lbs
Anndalyn 21 lbs

I was really worried about Jaileigh's weight. They plotted it and said she is in the 10th percentile. This is great. Up until now she hasn't ever made it onto the chart. They said she is just a petite little girl. They did give me some tips on how to fatten all of them up because they are all pretty small. We are going to try some new things and see if we can get them to put on some LB'S!

They will mail me all the official results later. When they do I will be sure to update.

That afternoon Michael had his appointment with the allergy doctor. He went in for skin testing. He has been battling allergies for quite awhile now. He would wake up screaming in the middle of the night because he couldn't breath. He always has a cough and a runny nose. I have taken him to the doctor so many times and he is never sick. Finally when we moved we got a new doctor he referred us right away to an allergy doctor. Some of you may have noticed he always has dark circles under his eyes, classic sign of allergies. Answers to so many questions! We were meant to move so we could find a new doctor for Michael.

So the results from the allergy test. . . . . dum dum de dum He's allergic to EVERYTHING!!! Poor kid! He inherited my bum genes. I am also allergic to every tree, weed, flower, animal, grasses out there. I did allergy shots and now am allergy, asthma, and cough free. It looks like that is what Michael will be doing as well. I feel bad that I have passed on those genes to him. I am praying that it is only him and not the other three too.

What a crazy day! I am tired. Here are some pictures.


The crew
Jaileigh, Amthony, Jake, Annie, and Anthony

I love Anthony's laugh.

Jaileigh insisted on having her plate and bowl of chips in the picture. Also she had to pick out her own clothes.

Jake with his lotion


Michael telling me he was "all done" with pictures


Sweet Jaileigh


Potty training here we come
Jake, Anthony, and Michael

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