Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas With Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy

The weekend before Christmas we celebrated Christmas with Mikes brother Joe and his wife Kathy. They came down from Las Vegas. We get to see Joe pretty regularly but don't get to see Kathy too much. We were so excited to have both of them at our house. We were really sad when they had to leave.

They gave the quads the coolest playhouse. Here is Joe being the "foreman" while Mike puts it together with the help of the quads. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures again.

Jake helping out.

Jake, Michael, and Jaileigh

Anthony and Jaileigh playing in the box. Jaileigh is chewing on a pacifier she found somewhere.

Jaileigh bug

Annie even wanted in on the fun.

Anthony and his drill battery

Anthony, Michael, and Jaileigh checking out the construction

First thing Jake did was wash his hands.

Kathy opening her Christmas presents with a little help.

I guess they were hungry. I found the four of them here eating all the rolls.

Joe- hard at work even while he is on vacation.

Kathy and Annie with Annies favorite toy, the red punch balloon

The crazy kids playing on the couch.
Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, Annie, and Jakob

Jaileigh and Anndalyn

So sweet

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