Sunday, December 12, 2010

6 Month Well Baby

I took Annie in to her 6 month well baby visit to our new Pediatrician. I really like him. I do like my old one better but I think this one will do.

Annie is still a healthy, spunky, happy baby. He said I could start her on solids if I wanted. He said she didn't need to be started on them until she was 8 months but if she was showing interest then to start her on vegetables. He was very impressed that she was as chunky as she was just from breastmilk. He said I had some powerful breastmilk. haha. He doesn't know I solely fed quads for a year on the stuff, it better be powerful.

She is 21 lbs and 29 inches long. Her growth has slowed down but she is still moving in the right direction on the growth chart.

At the end of 5 months, beginning of 6 months here are some of the things Annie can do-

Recognize mom and dad and siblings
Has separation anxiety from her mommy
Sit alone
Crawl alone
Clicks her tongue
Plays with objects, hand to hand.
Sees objects/toys and will go get them
Interacts with her siblings
Picks things up with finger, pincer grasp
Tries to stand
Says "dadadadadadadada"
Sits in high chair and can eat a goldfish cracker
Tries to steal and drink from her siblings sippies
Loves playing with bottles but won't drink from them

I love this little "Chunk of Chocolate"

She is the sweetest little thing ever! When I am having a rough day with the quaddies, I pick her up and squeeze her and I feel so much better. She calms me and keeps me sane.

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Tia AhQuin Stokes said...

Amber I love your blog and your babies!!!! you inspire me...we miss you guys and love you all hope to see you soon!!! Thanks again for all the goods your the best!!!love you