Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Graduation To Us!

We graduated from our Early Start program. Last year when we turned 18 months we actually really graduated but because I was pregnant and probably looked and acted very stressed they let me bring the quads to "school" at our local early start program. So, each week since February I have been taking the kids to school. They have had so much fun. They have met friends, worked on gross motor, fine motor, arts and crafts, speech and socialization. A parent got to be present each time so I was lucky enough to watch the progress. I was almost teary eyed on graduation day because the kids have so much fun at school. They have learned so many songs that they love to sing. I am so thankful for the time that we were allowed to participate in this wonderful program.

Michael and Jakob playing boom boom one last time.

Jaileigh with the boom booms and Anthony with the turtle.

Michael is excited!

Jakob, Anthony, and Jaileigh

My camera has been dropped too many times and needs to go in to the shop so this picture is really poor quality but I still love it. Jaileigh and Annie playing on the floor. Jaileigh is trying to hold Annie's hand.

Annie crawling

Michael doesn't look too happy about graduating.


Jaileigh wins the smile award for the day

Anthony "Mr Grumpuss"

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