Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Disneyland

Living so close to Disneyland (40 miles) we decided we need to try and visit more. We don't need to spend all day there, just a few hours each time is plenty. Who knows where we will be next year, or in 5 or 10 years. We may never get another chance to visit Disneyland. We went today for a couple of hours and it was sooo crowded. I think we were the only Californians there. The other ones were at home waiting for all the visitors to go home. We were still able to enjoy our visit though. We went on 3 rides, saw 3 theme characters, spent $8, and made some more preiceless memories.

Michael playing with the flowers. He really liked these flowers.

Silly Jake



Our friend Karen joined us. The kids just love her to pieces. There was a lot of screaming going on after she left in her car and we left in ours. Anthony's feelings were hurt the most and he cried for 10 minutes.
Anthony, Karen, Jake

Jaileigh was upset because I only had an Elmo diaper for her. She wanted a Mickey Mouse diaper. I was trying to console her.

You can see the elaborate Christmas decorations that they have up

The teacups. They stopped the ride twice for us because Anthony wouldn't sit down correctly. I thought for sure they would ask us not to come back. All the kids wanted to go a second time so I made Mike go on the second round. hehe

My little Jaileigh bug with her crazy hair. She keeps pulling her bows out. I don't know what I am going to do with her. She is so opinionated already.

Somehow we stumbled upon Snow White and her wicked Stepmother. It was so lucky. We found a quiet little alcove on the side of the castle and all of a sudden the appeared. We were the first in line to get pictures.
Jaileigh, Mike, Michael, SnowWhite, Stepmother, Jake, and Karen

The quads discovered toys and the gift shop.

I bought them $2 suckers to distract them from the $20 toys.
Jake, Jaileigh, and Michael
(Anthony was sleeping in the stroller)

Jake loved his sucker. He even fell asleep eating it in the car. I had to pry it out of his hands.

Michael wasn't too interested in his sucker. It was handed back to me within a few seconds of this picture being taken.

Same with Jaileigh. She's not a big candy lover.

Jaileigh and Jakob made me put Anthony's sucker next to him while he slept. When he woke up he had a nice little surprise.

As we were leaving we spotted Mickey Mouse. There wasn't a line so we ran over and got our picture taken. The kids loved him. They weren't afraid of him at all. They have been talking about the Mouse for weeks now and this just made their day.

Jaileigh saying good bye

Karen bravely carried two sucker covered kiddos. I hope her sweater was washable because she surely did not escape unsuckered.

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