Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Big Eats, Little Peeps

Daddy brought home lunch and the quads were excited! Please don't mind the mismatched clothes/PJ's, it must have been "one of those days".

Michael taking a bite

I think he is showing us his bite.

Jaileigh eating the sandwich that is bigger than her and Jake watching.

Anthony and his oversized cup. Don't worry it's filled with water!

More oversized objects. Jai with her daddy's back pack on.

Anthony sporting it too

Jake's turn.
That pen ended up being disassembled on the white carpet. Nice! It was easy to spot the culprit, the one with ink all over his hands and face!

Jaileigh disappeared one afternoon and this is where I found her. At the bottom of the stairs lining up everything she could find. Shoes, jackets, and babies. I think she inherited a little of my OCD.

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