Thursday, September 9, 2010

Leapin' Lizards!

My sweet little children love to catch bugs. While out scavenging for bugs one morning my inquisitive little quads found and caught a lizard. The actual capturer was Jakey. He is my little dare devil child. I am sure he is going to be the cause of many mini heart attacks for me. He has always reminded of my brother for some reason and this is something my brother did all the time. He would spend hours playing with lizards when he was young.
When Jake caught the lizard he was so gentle with it. He pulled and brushed off all the grass that was on it and placed it in his hand. It was so cute to watch him. I could tell he was sooooo excited but he was able to control his excitement so he didn't hurt the lizard.

Jake and his new friend. He is picking the grass off.

Checking him out to make sure he doesn't have anymore grass.

Jake was very nice and let all of his siblings hold his friend.

Anthony studying the little lizard

up close

Michael's turn

Even Jaileigh wanted to hold it, after she played girl and squealed first.

Snack time in the pool.

Double duty and look at the excitement on her face!

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