Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Guest Post

My cousin Sunny came and stayed with us for awhile and her daughter Emily stayed with us for a month. Sunny wrote a post on her blog about the crazy quad life. I thought it was rather funny and would like to share. Hopefully this is okay with you Sunny?

Quadruplet Craziness

I have done some pretty difficult things in my life like running an actual marathon when I was 19, having multiple root canals and giving birth 5 times. . .

But nothing compares to the energy and stamina required to entertain 5 children under the age of 2!

Emily and I had the great honor of "experiencing" the intricate, behind-the-scenes workings of caring for multiples--quadruplets to be exact, in addition to a new born baby!

It was literally a 24 hour job with a few cat naps thrown in for good measure.

As a guest, I was grateful for the 10 pm to 6 am nights of dead sleep. Mom and Dad were not so lucky. They were both up several times during the night soothing, shushing, cuddling, and feeding the 5 "babies." How they have survived these past two years? Let me tell you . .. They are AMAZING parents, that's how!

We took the quads in the RV to the San Diego Wild Animal Zoo. The main attraction at the zoo were the quads! People couldn't get enough of them. I never noticed the heards of wild deer or the lion lazing on top of a safari jeep. I didn't hear the toucans or notice the monkeys. My eyes were focused on 4 sets of little feet and the paths they took those little wild bodies!

We thought the train would be a calm relaxing experience. They would all be contained of course. Not so! It was all the 4 of us big people could do to keep their sippy cups and gold fish crackers from being hurled out of the train car. It took great strength to keep them in their seats. It was musical chairs on steroids!

Amber left me alone with the quads while she ran a very short errand. I thought, no problem. I can handle 4 toddlers for 30 min on my own!

I started them out with Popsicles. It was the only photo of them all together I could get. Then I quickly herded them to the bedroom and closed us in. We were having a great time giggling and playing with the toys until I noticed little Michael had something in his hands. It was two handfulls of tampons!!! I confiscated them and found the source and as I was taking care of that, I heard a scream. I turned around and found Anthony taking a big bite out of poor little Jaileigh who had gotten stuck with him in the tunnel tube! As I was soothing and distracting them, Amber came home. Phew! We survived!

My favorite part was rocking and singing them to sleep! What beautiful and sweet little people they are.

Emily was able to stay and help Amber for an entire month. It was a good experience for her and it will look great on her babysitting resume ;)

We will miss the quaddies and little Annie so much (Mike and Amber too)! We hope to "experience" them again soon!

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