Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friends, Playdates and Parks

Our friends Bill and Gina are back. Hooray! Friday morning they came over for a playdate. The kids had so much fun with them.

I love this picture. Michael is in his own little world. Jaileigh is hamming it up with her costume and her puzzle. Anthony has one crazy sock on and I'm sure he's trying to talk Gina into something.

If you look closely you can see all 5 of the DeMaria children playing quite happily with Bill and Gina. That is talent! Entertaining 5 kids singlehandedly.

Jaileigh working on her tower. She was the only one that would build, the boys just wanted to wreck the towers.


Jaileigh giving a look

Tackle hugs. Jaileigh loves her brothers. Jake is getting the loves here.

That evening we went to a local park that was new to us. They loved the "new" equipment.
Jake and Michael practicing going over the bridge.

The crew together for a few seconds


Anthony, Jaileigh and Michael

Jaileigh- Yuck! I'm sure she is getting all kinds of germs in her mouth.

Practicing her driving skills


Anthony was really hungry

Jake and his pinecones

Annie playing on the blanket

Anthony and his pizza again.

Michael driving

Jake- this toy was the highlight of the whole night. They loved going up this and then down the slide.

Hope your weekend was fabulous!

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