Friday, September 24, 2010

The Happiest Place On Earth!

We were lucky enough to get to go to Disneyland, thanks to our friend Kari. Mike took the day off work and we headed down to the happy place bright and early Wednesday morning. Our original plan was to go the week before but Jakob, Anthony, and Jaileigh got the stomach flu (from Michael). They finally got over it and we were able to go the day before the passes expired. Our Disneyland experience was perfect! The weather was perfect, the crowd was minimal, and the babies were on their best behavior.

Jaileigh ready to go. She insisted on wearing her jacket over her sweater.

The kids don't know who Minnie Mouse is but they loved her shoes and the fact that she was a mouse. They love all animals.
Jaileigh, Kari, Michael, Anthony, Annie, Mommy, Jakob, and Daddy

Jakob and Michael checking out the carousel

They all started out on the horses and they all ended up off the horses before the ride was over, except Jake.
Anthony isn't in the picture because he decided to get on after this picture was taken. We had the hardest time getting him on the rides.
Mommy, Jaileigh, Michael, Jakob

It's A Small World

Anthony is wide eyed!

More of "It's A Small World"

Kari with Michael and Jakob

Jaileigh with Mommy

Michael's big eyes

Jake and Kari

They loved the boats. Michael kept trying to stick his hands in the water.

Jake is being shy for his picture

Disneyland had a little park for the kids to play on. The quaddies loved the slide but there were too many kids. My kids would stand on the stairs and let everyone go ahead of them. I think they just enjoyed people watching.

Michael, Jaileigh, and Jakes ear- doing some people watching


Trying for a group photo
Michael, Jaileigh, Jakob, Anthony

and they are off again

Anthony, Michael, and Jakob

Jaileigh and her daddy


Waiting in line for a picture with Minnie Mouse

Autopia- Waiting for the car. This was the only ride the whole family couldn't go on. They wouldn't let Annie on the ride.
Jake, Daddy, and Michael

Anthony, Kari, and Jaileigh joining the rest of the troup

Anthony somehow did not have his shoes on. I had to run them down to them before they could go.

Anthony loved this ride! It was his favorite one of the whole day.

Jake, Jaileigh, and Daddy

Jaileigh wasn't allowed to sit on Daddy's lap so she didn't get to go on the ride. She came with Annie and I as we waited. So sad. This is daddy trying to get her off his lap.  

Jake and Daddy got to go alone

The ride was "all done"

Jake took over the controls

The Buzz Lightyear ride. Jake refused to sit in the stroller so we put him on top.

Anthony passed out before the ride. We had to rent two of these strollers. We originally planned on using our choo choo wagon in the park but they won't let them in. Luckily we had one double stroller in the suburban. It was supposed to have been used to carry all of the diaper bags and for Annie.

Kari with Jaileigh and Jake

Michael rode with Mommy. I think he is excited here. It was really dark in the ride and I couldn't see his face unless I took a picture.

Daddy waited with Annie and Anthony at the end of the ride. He is laughing here because the worker volunteered to watch our 5 children so that Mike and I could go on the ride. All of the workers there were so nice and helpful. It really is the happiest place on earth.

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Karmann and Ryan said...

I love that you ventured to the happiest place on earth and that yo guys had such a good time! It was so sweet to see there faces captured in the pictures! It made me miss you guys A LOT!!! So glad that you are doing well! Love you!