Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Wedding Part II

Somehow Jakob got a hold of the flower girls petals. Great! Just what Shannon needed, a flower boy.

The kids kept finding these monster drinks all over and they thought they were so cool to carry around.

Michael busting some moves.

Jaileigh giving me her innocent look.
"Who me? I'm just texting my BFF, Rori."

Shannon and Ted spending some time with Jaileigh. I wonder if they are "practicing"?

Michael is a little unsure of who has him.

Jakob, Anthony, and Michael watching the dancing

Gina, Jakob, and Jaileigh


Annie and Daddy

Annie is done!

The kids telling Gina something that only she knows

Gina/Jakob and Bill and Jaileigh on the dance floor

One of my former students was at the wedding.
Trang and Annie

The lovely Bride and Groom. We wish you a long, fun, adventurous, loving and eternal marriage. We are so lucky and blessed to have your families in our lives!

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