Monday, September 6, 2010

Fighting For Anndalyn

The quaddies love Annie. They love to hold her, kiss her, pet her, pat her, give her toys, try to feed her, try to carry her. . . you get the picture. A big part of my time is spent distracting the quads from overloving the baby. I love it! I'm so glad they love her. When I found out I was pregnant I was so nervous that they wouldn't like her and I would be dealing with jealousy. We are so blessed that they love her.

 One night I had Annie on the floor on a blanket in the bathroom and the quaddies were in the bath. Jaileigh jumped out of the tub, grabbed a magazine from the basket, sat it next to Annie, and told her to read. Then she climbed back in the tub and went about her business. It was too cute.

In this picture they were all trying to give her a toy. Jaileigh wanted her to read again and was giving her a book.

Michael and Annie

Anthony helping out too.

Annie enjoying her bumbo time

Annie get a little tired of it.

Complaining a little more. . . mommy saved her.

These kiddos are such stinkers. They love Annies swing. Here they are hanging out under it. One day I turned my back for 2 seconds and when I turned around I caught Anthony "swinging" Annie. I almost had a heart attack. He was so proud of  himself.
Jaileigh, Anthony, and Jakob

Annie has discovered new built in toys- her feet.  

Ahhh so clean

My goofy kids. I'm not sure who taught them to pull this face but I'm going to blame Bill.
Michael and Jaileigh

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Fiori Family said...

WOW... The picture of Annie in the towel looks JUST LIKE Jaileigh and Anthony!!! SOOOOO darn cute!!! Glad to see everyone is adjusting so well. Miss you guys TONS!!!