Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fun In The Fountains

We have been to these fountains 3 times specifically to play in them and my kiddos would not get in. Today we weren't prepared to play in them and they wanted to play. Now that they like them we will have to go back again with our swim suits on. Only Michael and Jakob really liked them. Anthony was okay with the water after a little while, actually after I went through it with him. Jaileigh never warmed up to it.


Michael again. He is the bravest of the bunch when it comes to water.

Anthony is scoping out the situation

Michael is trying to break down the fence. He really wanted to play on that grass I guess.


Anthony and Jakob. These two look so different from each other.

Anthony playing with my shoes and warming up to the water.

Jaileigh did take her shirt off so she could be like the boys but never ventured into the water.

The youngest firepeople ever. Check out Michaels' face.

Jaileigh and Anthony decided which one to open

Annie took a quick catnap while we were there, after pooping all over her clothes. The only time I didn't have an extra outfit packed. We had to run over to Childrens Place to get a new one. They had all their winter clothes out! I found the ONLY onesie there and bought it.


Four babies 4 us said...

Those fountains look fun! We would love to play in them. Are they close to your house?
Miss Annie is absolutely precious...

Love you all,

Ayyob Family said...

I love your photos. And, wow you live near me I am very familiar with this center. :) Your children are adorable and I love reading your posts.