Thursday, September 16, 2010

Camping continued

When we were done camping and heading out of town, we stopped at the Jennings property. This is where Mike and I were married. It brought back some sweet memories. I am so glad my children were able to play here.
We found a new past time- tether ball. They loved it. We would need to get 4 though, they kept fighting over the ball.

Michael and Jakob

Anthony and Daddy on the swing

Annie hanging out with Aunty Rori

Jaileigh and Michael hanging out on the back porch. Grandma said they were straightening the porch when she found them.

Michael and Grandma going to see what Grandpa and Jake are doing.

Grandpa and Anthony ringing the bell

At Gaga's and Grandpa's, back to civilization and showers.

Jake eating the Plum Sweets that he does NOT need, if you know what I mean. 

Grandpa giving their first piano lesson
Jake, Anthony, and Jaileigh

There's always room for one more little bum.
Jake, Anthony, Jaileigh, and Michael

What a wonderful weekend spent with family!

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