Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Triplets Birthday Party

Last Friday we attended our triplet friends 2nd birthday party. Sadly, I didn't get one picture of our friends. I was a bad photographer that day. Sorry. I did get some cute ones of my kiddos though. We met our friends, the Fiores, at Loma Linda Hospital. The babies were roommates. Our room was the "multiples room". We had quads, triplets, and twins in there with us. Not at the same time but through the course of our stay. We have remained friends with the Fiore family and meet up several times a year for playdates. They were born almost exactly 2 months after our quads. They just turned two on Sept 27. Happy Birthday to the Fiores!

Michael and Anthony in the jumper.

Jaileigh with Michael hiding

Jakob loving the jumper

Jaileigh showing her two bows.

Jaileigh and Anthony being silly

Jakob, Jaileigh and Anthony

Michael being silly

Michael and Jaileigh


Daddy and Annie

Jaileigh trying to throw the ball



Annie with her lovely bow : )

Sucking her bottom lip is a new trick she just picked up

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