Friday, September 10, 2010

The Wedding

The quads attended their second wedding on September 4th. It was actually the first wedding we got pictures at though. The kiddos were on their best behavior despite the 108 degree temperature.   They lasted through the wedding ceremony, appetizers, dinner, all the way to the dancing. They were finally falling asleep standing so we decided to take them home. 

Our friends Ted and Shannon getting hitched. This was the most beautiful wedding I have attended. The bride was gorgeous and the groom was handsome. It was perfect!

Jaileigh sitting on daddy's lap during the ceremony

The main reason they were so good is because the ceremony was outdoors and there were acorns on the ground. The boys spent their time collecting the little treasures.
Jakob and Michael

Daddy taking the boys to get some appetizers
Michael, Daddy and Jakob

Anthony waiting with mommy

Bill and Gina coming to say "hi". The babies were so excited to see them. Shannon is Gina's daughter.
Anthony greeting them.

Bill talking with the boys

Shannon came out to say hi. The boys thought she was soooo pretty.

Bill and his new girlfriend, Annie

Group photo- Jaileigh, Michael, Anthony, and Jakob
They all look so excited!

Bill and Gina with the whole crew
Gina/Annie, Jaileigh, Michael, Anthony, Jakob, and Bill
(Jake looks like he is pick pocketing Bill)

Family Photo

The water fountain provided lots of entertainment

Sherie and Annie
Sherie was also Jaileigh's buddy for a lot of the evening. That's why there are a lot of pictures of the boys. Jaileigh was missing.

Annie hangning out on the grass

to be continued . . . . . .

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