Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pine Valley Camping

The weekend after Labor Day weekend we went camping in Pine Valley, Utah. This is the place where Mike and I were married five years ago. We were even able to visit the house and apple orchard that we were married in. My family lives close to Pine Valley so they were able to come camping with us.

My sister, Rori pulling the choo-choo wagon. Michael is worried that I am being left behind.

Anthony, Michael, Jakob, and Jaileigh (in mid-tantrum)

Rori got tired of pulling the wagon and wanted some Annie time.

Look how cute Annie looks in her hat

The boys out in nature. I think Jake is communicating with the tree.

Anthony pulling the wagon, or trying to.


Grandma and Grandpa met us up there later that day. Our cell phones didn't work up there so we sent Mike to walk out of the park (2miles) so that he could call them. On his little walk my parents drove past him. Luckily they realized what they did and stopped. He told them where we were camping and rode in on the quad that was in the back of Grandpas truck. The quaddies thought this was so funny.

Eating dinner. Thank goodness Gramdma and Grandpa cooked!1

Michael found the food.

Jaileigh refused to wear her jacket so she is wearing one of the boys.

Sisters at breakfast.

Group photo
Jakob, Anthony, Michael on the bottom
Jaileigh standing

Jake brought Grandpa a big rock

Anthony found the cookies.

I told Jaileigh to smile

That cookie was finger licking good.

Jaileigh, Anthony, and Jakob

to be continued . . . .

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