Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quick Update- 2 Weeks 1 Day

Yesterday we celebrated another birthday- 2 weeks.

All babies are on feedings. They feed them through a tube that goes from their mouth to their stomach. Jakob and Jaileigh are on .2cc/hr and Anthony and Michael are on .1cc/hr. Jakob and Jaileigh are tolerating their feedings better. They are getting breastmilk. Mike calls me the Schwan Woman.

They have been stooling. Jakob and Michael will stool on their own sometimes. They receive glycerine suppositories every couple of days until they figure out how to really do it on their own all the time.

Michael is back on CPAP. He was intubated for his PDA surgery and was extubated 2 days after surgery.

They have all had their artery lines removed. They are losing some if their lines finally.

All of their bili levels are below 3 except Jaileigh and hers was 4.0 this morning. She also received a blood transfusion this morning. The other hematocrits were good.

I had my 2 week doctor visit and passed the exam with flying colors. The day I was discharged I was not given any discharge instructions. The next day I was driving and doing normal things. The nurses in the NICU recently found out and let me know that I should have received instructions on things I shouldn't do. I was a little worried that I had done something to my body that wasn't good. So I was very happy that the doctor said I was doing an excellent job of mending.

We have seen many miracles in the last 7-8 months and have been so overwhelmed with everyones love and support. Thank you again!

Michael Huston opening his eyes and waving to the world.

Anthony Joseph saying hello too.

Amber and Grandma Kolleen- We Love Her! She flew in to help out and has been taking very good care of me!


Collegegirl said...

Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, and Jakob are TRUE MIRACLES!!! Grow sweet babies GROW!!!
Hang in there Mike and Amber!!!

nennermommy said...

They are so cute! Amber you look better than me and my baby is 15months old... maybe you can make some good money giving tips on loosing baby

Niccole said...

Happy two weeks! Sounds like everything is going well. You are in our prayers!!

Morgan said...

They are soo cute. Sorry to hear about the discharge mishap. I am still praying for them.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh They are so cute!!
You have been blessed!

Misty said...

I am so happy to see everyone doing so well! I love the pictures! You look AMAZING!!!!!! I don't look that good &mine are 21 months! I'm extremely impressed!
Look forward to the update that everyone is going home.
Take care,

Jana G said...

I've been following the progress of the babies and I see the hand of the Lord in all of them.

They are truely a miracle and a reminder that we are precious in his sight. You are truely blessed to be the mother of these Children of God.

You and Mike are truely an example to me to put my life in the hands of the Lord and trust in Him.

Hilary said...

The babies are doing so great!! Glad that Grandma is here to take care of Momma :) Keep on keeping on! Have a super week

KSDallas said...

Thankfully you did okay even without instructions and glad to hear you are doing well.

The babies are doing great for only 2 weeks. They will be coming home before you know it.

Best wishes from a lurker in TX.


The Gerwer Babies said...

You look fantasic girl!!
You are doing a great job, the babies are so cute!

Chad and Starr said...

Amber my mom sent me your blog. Congratulations, what an amazing experience! You look Great!

Sarah said...

Amber and Mike-

Congratulations!! It is good to hear that things are going well and that the babies keep growing and getting stronger. I am truly in awe at both of you. Ed and I are back in Montclair, so let us know if you need anything. You 6 are amazing!


Sarah and Ed Lainez

L.Taggart said...

It's amazing what the human body can do! I am glad to hear they are getting breast milk. My four got nothing but for the first four weeks of life, some a little longer. When Lily came home I just didn't have to time to commit to milkings, but WOW! SO glad you are able to give them what they need! Keep up the good work!