Sunday, August 3, 2008

5 Days Old

Here is the quick update for all of you who have been waiting so patiently. I am exhausted and not functioning correctly so I am going to keep it short and I’m not going to explain. I will try to explain later. Key word is TRY.

Had PDA treated with Indosin (same stuff they gave me to stop contractions). The indosin closed the PDA.
Was reintubated, on ventilator again. He was working too hard and used all his energy to breath. When he was being reintubated he was throwing such a tantrum that they had to sedate him.
Loves to stretch out his legs and arms. Very determined to have things his way.
He has a sense of humor. Today I was changing his diaper and he starting peeing again as soon as I got the old one off. He filled the new diaper so I had to change it again.
Received blood transfusion.
On bilirubin lights.
Received PICC line Friday.

Jaileigh has been a very strong girl. She is such a fighter. She ran out of energy and had to be intubated (can’t remember what day maybe Thurs).
Received blood transfusion.
She is very determined to have things her way. Will throw herself out of her bunting when she is mad. HATES wet diapers and will let you know when hers is wet.
Had PDA treated with Indosin. The indosin closed the PDA.
On bilirubin lights.
Being weaned off her ventilator.
Received PICC line Friday.

Threw a tantrum for the first time yesterday. I think our children are going to be very stubborn and determined.
He was bruised so badly in the womb that he has been on bilirubin lights the whole time. The bruises are faded now.
When he gets mad he holds his breath so that he brady’s (heartrate lowers).
Pulls his Hudson CPAP off so today they put him on nasal canula and he is doing great.
Loves to have moves his arms all over and often gets his lines tangled.
Received PICC line early Friday morning.
Has scratches on his eye because he was opening them while he had his goggles on. They are treating the scratches with ointment

AnthonyHe has been our sick child even though he was the 2nd largest.
He had PDA surgery on Wednesday night. After he was born we found out that he was the one that was really stressing inside and he has been suffering for it since.
Received blood transfusion.
Yesterday he finally started to feel better and the sibling trait showed up- he is determined and stubborn too.
Being weaned off his ventilator.
On bilirubin lights.
Had glucose problems because of his high stress level but once he received his PDA surgery the glucose went down to normal again.
Received PICC line Friday.

Mom- I was released from the hospital Saturday night and was not happy about it. I have grown attached to the place and even more attached since my babies are long term residents. Yesterday was probably the hardest day of my life because I had to walk out empty handed. All I had was the 4 bracelets on my wrist stating to the world that I did have babies somewhere. I am staying at the Ronald McDonald house across the street from the hospital. Our commute turned out to be long and hard enough that we were able to stay here.

He has been holding up for moms sake I think. He is exhausted physically and mentally but keeping it all together so we both aren't messes. He is staying at home with the dogs. Tomorrow he has to return to work. He will take paternity leave when the babies come home. He loves his little boys and little girl. He sits in the NICU for hours with them. He is such a sweet man and I love him more everyday! I feel so blessed to have him for a husband.

Aunt Rori and Michael. He is trying to pull his CPAP off in this picture and he usually succeeded. They took him off of it this morning and he was much happier about life today.

Jakob and his Scalp-Hawk. They shaved the side of his head when they were trying to put in his PICC line.

This is baby Anthony Joseph he is learning how to not get tan lines while tanning. His nurse undoes his diaper so that his skin can be exposed to the bilirubin lights.

Michael taking a break from the lights. His goggles are removed. He is still on a ventilator but is being weaned off. You can see how small he is next to my hands. He was our biggest at 2 lbs 11 oz.

Mike and I- the proud parents. Anthony again. We love his primary nurse. She takes pictures for us and when we are too tired to recognize picture moments she reminds us of them.

Jaileigh in action. . . . . . .

She is grabbing her left foot with her right hand and then . . . .

decides to stretch and . . . . .

stretch alllllll the way out. Her nurse has the hardest time keeping her in her bunting. She loves to stretch out.


Collegegirl said...

Precious babies-Fight, Fight, FIGHT!!!
Hang in there and you ALL are in my prayers!!!

fourbabies4us said...

Oh Amber,
I've been checking and checking for updates. I'm so glad you were able to post. I'm truly impressed. I couldn't do anything but survive the first couple of weeks in the NICU. I'm sorry that Anthony needed the surgery. The staff tells you that it is a simple procedure but that doesn't make it any easier when it is your child being operated on.
You, Mike and the kids are in my prayers every time I think of you, which is all day long. I love you all so much and my heart goes out to you for the challenges you are facing.
Love to you from all of us,
Michelle, Jeff and kids
P.S. The pictures are absolutely precious!

Midwest Mommy said...

They are so cute!
I hope you feel better soon and can get some rest.
I will keep checking in on them!

the schirano triplets said...

it really sounds like they are doing well! hang in there, i know how difficult this is. i will keep praying for all 4 of those little ones & mommy and daddy too!

the schirano triplets said...

ps - love the pictures! you have some beautiful babies!

The Gerwer Babies said...

Girl, you are doing great! i know how hard it is to leave but they are in the best place they can possibly be. And you can be there all you want.
My biggest, 2 lb 11oz as well had a PDA too.
If you ever want to vent, please feel free to email me
I know its hard but when you get passed this stage, i promise, you will hardly remember it. They seem like strong determined babies, they will do great. And frankly, they got to get that quality of determination somewhere mom :), you will too!!!!!

Marci said...

Well it's no wonder you are too tired to post...your posts are HUGE!! That's my problem with posting, I don't ever want to just put up a couple paragraphs and leave out too many things. While I love looking and reading, you should take advantage of your situation and have someone else post for you. Just as long as we get little updates to make sure all is well. You know, something like "All is well, too busy loving my babies to write more. Here's a couple pictures!" :)

As for your strong willed babies, I can't think of a better trait for them to have considering all they have to get through. Just don't think of what it's going to be like in, say, 13 years when they are ALL learning that they don't actually have to listen to what Mom and Dad say.

I'm glad you were able to get in the RMcD House so you can be close to the babies. Corey's parents lived in on for a month (or so, not sure actually how long) when he was born, and they still are grateful. Hang in there!

I love you tons and can't wait to come see you and the brood!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME MOM! Amber you are holding up so well for all of the readers that are reading your blog. Getting up off of the operation table and taking off for the NICU. Hardly any wheelchair rides and standing for hours on end holding your babies hands and feet.Calm as a summers morn every day without end! You are so impressive to us all and we love you and admire you more than you can imagine!!
Love you all!
Mom and Dad and Rori

Sonja said...

Amber, Your sweet bundles are adorable! The fight they have in them must have come from somewhere? LOLO
I have said a number of prayers but I especially pray for you when you have to visit and then leave them there. I to left empty handed and my son spent a month in the NICU. The nurses become a part of your family, don't they? :) I can see that you both of very tired and you have had some very rough days but thank God things appear to be looking up. Take care of yourself and get some rest if you can. Congratulations again and God Bless the 6 of you.

Sonja - Fl