Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Progress Continues

Jakob in his big boy outfit.

Anthony having a good dream

Anthony, Jaileigh and Michael are all on nasal cannula's. Jakob will be off his CPAP tomorrow or Friday. He is a little slower because he is so little. He doesn't have the muscles to help him breath.

The pooping continues . . . . . I guess this is how our life will be from now on. Mike is getting really good at disappearing or bribing at diaper changes. He brings the nurses treats and they forgive him for running away. He says its hard to change the diapers now that the babies are in clothes. HE decided that they will run around in "wife beaters" (dago t's) and diapers.

Yes, its true. ALL babies are in clothes, including Jaileigh. Jaileigh went off the wallaby today. Her bili did not come down. Because she has had high bili levels for so long now the doctors are thinking that her levels may be breast milk induced. They have taken her off of breast milk for 24 hours and put her on formula. They will check her bili level again after that. Jaileigh and I are hoping that is not what the cause is. She hates formula, it gives her a belly ache.

The Physical Therapist (PT) came and checked the boys out. She said they all have excellent muscle tone and are great pacifier suckers. Jaileigh was already eating so she will check her later. We already know she has great muscle tone because she can get out of her snuggly. Today I laid her on her belly and she pushed her legs straight out and flipped herself on her side. She also stuffs her whole fist in her mouth and sucks on it when she is hungry.

They have been put on epogen shots and iron to help with red blood cell production. This will prevent any further blood transfusions, we hope. Anthony received a blood transfusion today.

All their feeding amounts and medications have been adjusted according to their weights. They are actually starting to make a TINY dent in the milk supply. We may get away without buying the deep freezer. The lactation specialist came and talked to me the other day and told me that the freezer in the NICU was full. Our freezer at home is also full. She said I needed to start pumping and dumping, asking neighbors to use their freezers, or invest in a deep freeze. I can just see Mike walking around the mountain, introducing himself, and asking if he could store breast milk in their freezer. When I moved into the new Ronald McDonald house it came with a fridge that is quickly filling. Soooooooo, we are glad the babies are eating more.


GinnyBerry said...

I'm so happy that your babies are doing well. I live in Crestline and I've been reading about your family since the babies were born.

I have a suggestion about the extra milk: is there a way you could donate it instead of having to pump and dump?

I am still amazed that you are doing so well!

Ginny Scarbrough

loren said...

That visual of your hubby doing door-to-door breastmilk speeches cracked me up!!!

I agree about donating it if there are no other options... I wasn't getting ANYTHING by pumping in the NICU and the girls were given donated milk when mine ran out.

Congrats on the beautiful babies!