Friday, August 15, 2008

Lets get ready to Rumble!!!!

Michael Buffer states:
In the Pink Corner weighing in at 2lbs 9.5oz Jaileigh Addison DeMaria
In the Blue Corner weighing in at 3lbs Michael Huston DeMaria
In the Other Blue Corner weighing at 2lbs 10oz Anthony Joseph DeMaria
In the Last Blue Corner weighing in at a "ripped" 2lbs 6oz Jakob Thomas DeMaria

Overall the health is good, Jakob and Jaileigh are eating a whopping .8cc/hr and Michael and Anthony are eating at a pace of .5cc/hr. They are starting to say "And don't forget the Brett". That is for my sister Diana and family friend Vasen.

Bily Lights: Jaileigh back on for now.
Jakob is off
Anthony is off, just on the wallaby
Michael is on one but supposed to go off on Sunday.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


Morgan said...

They are emproving alot!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike!
We love you all! Happy to see the little fighters are still in the ring! I wish we had some Brett too!!! Gave that up last week to get more fit for the Quad Squad! Love you all tons!
Mom and Dad
and Rori