Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday! 4 Weeks

Michael Huston

Burrito Baby- Michael and one of his primary nurses, Sharon. We have 14 primary nurses. It is wonderful!! Michael is also off CPAP and on nasal cannula only at room oxygen, 21%. What a good boy!

Michael in his clothes. He went off his wallaby yesterday (8/25).

Together again. Anthony and Jakob. Their isolettes were moved together Sunday night so they are now roommates. I was able to hold both of them last night. Their legs were all twisted together underneath the blanket. I think they were happy to feel each other again.

Michael trying to get his thumb in his mouth.

Michael in his Cubs beanie that is waaaayyyyy too big for him. Mike bought all of the babies one of these and a pacifier and clip that matches. I told him no more internet shopping!
Anthony was sucking on his fingers. His primary nurse ran to take a picture and he pulled them out.

Jaileigh Addison. She is still clothesless. It is a little ironic that the baby with the cutest clothes options is taking the longest to wear them. I think she enjoys tanning on her wallaby. You can see in this picture that her PICC line is gone! All babies had them removed yesterday. It was a nice early birthday present for all!

Proud Daddy taking a moment to catch up on Sports Illustrated while we were on dinner break.


nennermommy said...

Ohhh! They are so CUTE! Did you ever find out if the boys were identical? Love you!

Anonymous said...


Sonja said...

They all look WONDERFUL. Cutie pies. Happy Birthday little ones and many more to come.

Take care mommy and daddy. You will be a family on your way home sooner than you can imagine.