Monday, August 25, 2008

Clothes Pictures and Feedings

All babies are on bolus feedings. They get fed every 3 hours with the appropriate amount of breast milk for their weight. They are all tolerating it well, no residuals. They are getting them ready to start nippling. They are dipping their pacifiers in breast milk and letting them suck on them when they get their bolus feeds. This helps them associate the breast milk taste with the warm full filling in their tummies.

Jakob was put on Reglan for reflux. The rest of the babies aren't on it yet. They are all off their TPN and lipids. As soon as their Diflucan is done their PICC lines will be removed. Diflucan is a 6 week series so they still have 2 more weeks. I found out more as to why this was prescribed. It is to help keep yeast away from the PICC lines and to prevent NEC.

Here are the pictures of Jakob and Anthony in their clothes. The clothes they are in are preemie clothes and you can see how big they are. I ordered some micro-preemie (1-3 pounds) clothes online that fit a lot better. I took pictures last night but lost my camera. I am hoping it is in the NICU still.

Jakob Thomas sleeping . . . .

"Oh, hi mom!"

Anthony having a happy moment with dad.

Anthony taking a nap. His nose really isn't that big, it's just stretched from the cannula.


Darcy "bow makin mamma" said...

They are sooo cute!! I have been watching for the pictures of them with clothes on! I send a box to you today so you should get it in a few days! Thanks for all the updates I love reading them.

NIccole said...

They are absoultly adorable. They are so small in the premie clothes.

the schirano triplets said...

i am so happy to hear that they are continuing to do so well in the nicu. they look fantastic and absolutely adorable!

L.Taggart said...

I am glad to see they are letting them wear clothes! Does this mean they are out of their "boxes"? They keep progressing. HOORAY! I remember when they didn't want clothes on my smallest one. They even said he should lay a certain way in his little box because he couldn't retain his body heat. Well, he just cried until they let him be like the other kids. They ended up doubling his clothes and putting three little hats on him. Then he was cold, but not crying anymore. Hope you are still doing well. I am glad you are letting so many people post and give encouragements. The most difficult part for me was letting people help and admitting that I could not do it on my own. So glad that part is over!

Keep up the good work!
Love Lydia :)
Love Lydia

Sunny said...

Amazing progress, Amber. They are little miracles.