Tuesday, August 26, 2008


All PICC lines were taken out yesterday. The diflucan and the caffeine that they were getting in their PICC lines have been changed to oral administration . They can be given through their feeding tubes now. The only lines the babies are hooked up to are their nasal cannula's, heart rate, respiration, and oxygen saturation, and their feeding tubes.

Jaileigh is still on her wallaby. Her bili level is low enough for her to be taken off the light but they are afraid of her rebounding because she has been known to do that. She is very feisty and determined. Yesterday she kept moving out of her snuggly (bed) and sprawling out. The nurse would come "tie" her down again and would wrap her really tightly and two minutes later she would be out. She finally just let her do her thing and she was so happy. She also has the loudest cry. I can hear her through her isolette all the way across the room. She has this really loud pitched squeal that I'm sure isn't going to get any quieter as she grows. It's crazy that she knows she is the only girl already.

All babies need to be on Reglan for reflux. Jakob and Jaileigh are the only ones on it as of last night. Anthony and Michael will be put on it today. I am learning to be bossy at the hospital. When you have 4 babies you learn quickly at what should be happening and what isn't happening.

Lately, every time I change a diaper I get pooped or peed on. I think they all think its funny. I went through 4 diapers in one diaper change with Jakob last night and 3 diapers with Jaileigh in the day. Both of them peed in my hand as I was wiping them. Anthony and Michael weren't nice either. Michael went through 3 outfits within an hour. All of them have become pooping and peeing machines.


Morgan said...

Great progress!

Anonymous said...

YIPEEE!! That is so wonderful!! Time passes quickly for us but I am sure not quick enough for you. They look like they are progressing very fast!

fourbabies4us said...

They look GREAT! You look at them now and think they are huge, huh!! Amazing how your sense of size gets warped.
Good luck on the nipple feeding!


Sonja said...

Ahhh the memory of changing a preemie boy's ciaper. (I hear girls are just as bad). LOLOL My son was not even 2 days old and managed to "tinkle" all of the isolette and EXTERNAL machines. The nurse was SHOCKED that he had such an aim. :) You'll become a pro at learning "each" of their diapering techniques. :) This is where individuality is a "FUN" thing. :)

Collegegirl said...

YAHOO on the PICC lines! Grow babies GROW!!!