Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anthony Joseph DeMaria

I held Anthony last night because he didn't get held during the day. He is a night owl like his mom. He was wide awake and so happy. While I was holding him he wrapped his legs around my waist like a little frog. He got the hiccups for a minute and it made him toot. He is learning his boy skills early.

Mom I just want to sleep. Leave me alone!

If you look closely you can see him holding on to his nasal canula tubing. All of the babies are learning how to pull things off. The boys will stick their little fingers under their noses and pull the canulas out of their noses. Jaileigh pulls her goggles off constantly. She will pull them down under her chin and then she grins.

He LOVES his pacifier!

Sorry about the upside down pictures. I don't know why they are like that because that isn't how I took them and they aren't like that on the computer.


jag said...

Hi there! Congratulations on the arrival of your quads! I just found your site through the Tubre blog. I am 28 weeks pregnant with quads (3 boys and a girl). I look forward to your updates. Best wishes.

Sammy'smommy said...

They are so cute, glad to hear they are doing so well. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers

Collegegirl said...

Glad your night owl(ness) is rubbing off! Anthony is SO CUTE!
Hang in there!

L.Taggart said...

The boys all need practice with the skill of tooting! We have lots of practice at our house. LOL! My husband has been referred to as "Fart Guy" by some of his nieces and nephews. But it's really just good to know that everything is working well in their little bodies!

Sunny said...

It's amazing how they are growing and looking so good. I wish I could be there to help hold them! They look so precious!