Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Feeding Protocol and Weights

Jaileigh and Jakob are on feedings of 1.5 cc/hr and at 4:00 am they will go up to 2.0 cc/hr. At this point milk fortifier will be added to the breast milk. They fortifier gives them more protein and calories. Every 12 hours they will increase by .5 cc/hr until they reach 4.0 cc/hr at that point they will change their feedings to bolus feedings. They will receive their feedings every three hours in bolus form. Instead of increasing every 12 hours they will increase by 1 ml every 6 hours. This will continue until they reach 20 ml or what the protocol is for their weight.

Michael and Anthony are about 48 hours behind Jakob and Jaileigh. They are still at 0.8 cc/hr. On August 20 they will increase to 1.0 cc/hr and then they will be increased every 12 hours and continue the above protocol.

So far all of the babies have been tolerating their feedings. The nurses check for residual in their stomachs every 4 hours and they all have little to none. The tricky part they explained to me is when they start adding the milk fortifier. They said some babies have a hard time digesting that extra protein. So they said they will be praying for the babies to digest it (we will be praying as well). I thought that was cute of the nurses to say.

Mike and I get to kangaroo the babies every day. That is such a neat experience and so beneficial for the babies. We are very lucky to have such supportive primary nurses. I was talking to another mom here at the RM House and she has not been able to hold her baby yet. Her baby is a lot older than ours too. I really don’t know her situation but I feel really bad for her. It is such a bonding experience to hold your baby that closely.

Here are the new weights.

Anthony- 1255 g 2 lb 12 oz
Michael- 1446 g 3 lb 3 oz
Jaileigh- 1231 g 2 lb 11 oz
Jakob- 1145 g 2 lb 8 ½ oz


**G** said...

Yayyy! You have a 3 pounder! It sounds like some slow but steady progress here! Love those photos of Little Michael with his eyes open yesterday!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Look at the rolls starting on little Michael! YIPEEEEE!! Thank you for the updates and the pics! They all are so cute. So fun to see their eyes open. What big eyes in their little faces! We love you! We pray for you both and each little one!
Mom and Dad

The Gerwer Babies said...

They are doing awesome!!! Congrats mama!!

Anonymous said...


Cair said...

Wow, 3 weeks already? Your kids are doing great. How cool is it to kangaroo with them! Bet it's beneficial for mom and dad too.


Collegegirl said...

Happy three weeks DeMaria quads. You are ALL in my prayers!

King Quads said...

Keep up the good work you guys! The babies are beautiful.

Sandra said...

So glad to hear they are all doing well. I had my quads yesterday and they are doing very good also. I'm jealous at all the terminolgy and lingo you have down about their feedings, etc. I know I'll learn more with time!! Your babies are definitely in our thoughts and prayers!!