Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eye Exams

I forgot to mention that the babies had eye exams when they turned 4 weeks old. They don't have ROP (rentinophathy of prematurity). This is a retinal disorder that is common in preemies and can cause blindness.

Jakob is also off CPAP! The little fighter is doing well.

Michael is getting is first tub bath today. Mike and I are going to do it before his 5 o'clock feeding. I usually sponge bath the babies at night. This is a big step! We will take pictures.


Morgan said...

That's great!

Karmann and Ryan said...


I am so glad that Ryan got your blog address cause I have been wondering about you and the babies!! Now I can keep up to date! They are so cute and so sweet and you are so strong! Ryan and I keep you guys in our prayers and hope that things continue to go forward and that you will be able to take them home on schedule! So happy for the both of you!! so excited to keep up with your updates!