Saturday, November 30, 2013

2 More Sickies

We had so many things to do over the break but we didn't get to any of them. Jaileigh caught Annie's plague on Monday and then Michael got it on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day). I took Jaileigh to the doctor on Tuesday. The older kids were supposed to be immune to it because he thought they would have been exposed to before, but apparently they weren't. Jaileigh didn't get it as bad as Annie but she did have the high fever for 2 or 3 days. Michael's case was even less than Jaileigh's and he only had the fever for a day. The doctor gave me enough medicine to cover all of the kids just in case they all came down with it over Thanksgiving. Thank goodness, Jakob and Anthony never did.

Dede gave the girls her curlers. Jaileigh kept asking me to buy some for her and I kept forgetting to buy them.
Silly Annie
Annie's curlers did the opposite on her hair, straightening instead of curling.
Michael playing with his boat.

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