Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cast Is Off!

On November 4th Jake got his cast removed.Good news is his bone healed, bad news is the new bone grew into the growth plate. He broke his right radius very close to the growth plate so we knew that it could end up being bad. The doctor thinks that his body is young enough that it nothing will happen. I did ask what would be the worst case scenario and wished I wouldn't have. She said that it is highly unlikely that the worst would happen but that nagging possibility is still in the back of my mind. He will be x-rayed every 6 months until they know for certain that his radius is continuing to grow properly. They will x-ray his right and left arms to compare the two.

This is what the cast looked like. It was shredded and I had to duct tape it daily so it wouldn't fall apart.  

The doctor appointment was during school so only Annie and Jake got to come. Our friend Dede had to drop the kids off at school for me. Mike was working in La Jolla and the doctor appointment didn't give me time to drop them off and get to the appointment in time.
These two are so funny together.

Do you think he is excited!?
She dressed herself. Ms Independent now!

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