Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday, Amber Jai!

Dearest Amber Jai,
 You of all people deserve a fabulous birthday post. Particularly on this birthday (29 is a big year, ya know). However, since I'm late already I thought I should get straight to the point and tell you we love you! I wish I could come up with an insanely creative post to do you justice, but I'm a little short on creativity at the moment. Boo.
     Instead, here's a poem I jotted down about you a few years ago. I know it's silly, but I love you! We all love you! You're the best sister, daughter and mama of quadruplets plus one around! Smooch!

That One Night

Laughter tumbles through our teeth

one ear lies sentry for evidence of our parents stirring

a lifetime of memories slip effortlessly into the dark

the time when you taught me to wax my eyebrows

carefully guiding my hand to destroy my unibrow

horrified when a misplaced wax strip destroyed my left arch

the times when you laughingly allowed me

to borrow your delicate blouses

designer jeans and yellow high heels

the night before you got married

worry running in jumbled lines across my forehead

but you assure me we would always be best friends

love swirls beneath every joke giggle and memory

The best of friends

Twins—born fourteen years apart

Love you Amber Jai!

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